Building Castles

It had not been a good time for them. It’s not that they weren’t getting along. But something was just not right. It was probably because they hadn’t seen each other for so long. Things were getting a little weird. They both knew they had changed. Isn’t that inevitable? After all, it had been a year since they last saw each other.

And she was really scared. Scared that he wouldn’t like her anymore. Scared that things just wouldn’t be normal. Scared that he wouldn’t like what she had become. And worse, scared that she wouldn’t like what he had become.

She felt the apprehension growing in her heart as she walked towards the place where they had always met for four years before he had decided to go away. Not from her, no. But towards his dreams. For chasing them. For realizing them. She knew it was for his own good. For their own good, in fact. But that wouldn’t help her with the growing knot in her belly.

She reached a lot before the time at which they had decided to meet. She had brought him a book. He loved books. And she loved looking at him when he read them. She sat there with the waves lapping at her feet, their sound never failing to soothe her, to calm her nerves.

And she saw him approaching her, a bunch of beautiful pink roses in his hands. And as he drew closer, their eyes met and she knew, right in that moment, that nothing had changed. That nothing ever would change. They were just the same. Because the one thing that truly mattered had not altered. It was the fact that they loved each other.

And both of them sat there by the beach, the water rising as the time passed, drenching them. She was oblivious to the fact that the book was drenched. He, to the fact that the roses were now mere petals. All they did was look into each other’s eyes and talk and hold hands and talk till the sun went down. And they both knew that they were going to be alright.


This post has been written for picture it & write by ermilia