The curious case of the two most important words

Janis Joplin has always been one of my favourite singers. I absolutely adore her voice. This love for her (and certain other people), is what lead to one of my previous posts on rockstars (The Forever 27 Club). But today, the curios case is not about any one of those (Though I’m sure I’ll be back with more posts on musicians. Oh! They’re just too fascinating). Today while listening to one of her songs, Me and Bobby McGee, one sentence really struck a chord somewhere:

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

And that really got me thinking. I mean, isn’t freedom really important to us humans? Right since we’re kids, we’re taught about a million kinds of freedoms. The Indian Freedom Struggle, the American freedom movement, the French Revolution, we’re taught about the fundamental rights we have like the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, we’re taught about individualistic freedom. And aren’t we always trying to achieve it, through our own different ways? We often resort to religion, to meditation, to alcohol, to drugs. We fight with our parents for that freedom and name it “the generation gap”. All in an attempt to escape reality. To be free.

But what does it really mean to be free? If we didn’t have any ties with anyone or anyone to bother us with, we won’t have most of the miseries. Can we really be free when we are always tied to something? Doesn’t this line really drive home the point of freedom? I think it does. Absolute freedom is a myth.

Moving to the next aspect of this curious case, I’m gonna talk about Into the Wild, the movie based on the life of Christopher McCandless. This brilliant movie has one of those phrases that leave you thinking for hours:

Happiness only real when shared. 

Makes absolute sense, doesn’t it? I mean I don’t even have to think twice to tell you that it’s true. We’re always looking for stuff to share with people. Anything good or anything bad happens, you’ll just run to those near and dear ones to “share” it with them. To laugh about it, to cry about it, to celebrate about it, to hate something  together.

But what does it mean to combine these two things? You can never be absolutely free unless you don’t have anything left to lose. And you’ll be happy because you’re free. But you won’t be really happy unless you have someone to share it with. And you don’t have anyone to share it with because you don’t have anything or anyone worth losing. So in essence are both absolute freedom and absolute happiness huge lies?

Maybe. Maybe they are. But I know one thing for certain. I’ve been happy and I have felt what freedom is. I’ve been happy when I am with my loved ones, with my parents, my friends. Yes, we’ve all had our differences. And yes, at times I have been miserable. And at other times, I’ve made them miserable. But isn’t it a part of the fun thing called life? Won’t it get a little drag if all we did was be happy all the time? I think happiness will lose the position of the most sought after thing among humans.

And as far as freedom is concerned, according to me, freedom is in being what you want to be. Freedom is in loving the people you want to love. Freedom is in accepting people because you love them irrespective of what they stand for.

Because the trick to living a fulfilling life is, I think, in finding a balance between the two. Finding the right equilibrium between being free and being happy. Because all we wanna do in this world is be happy, isn’t it?


Image courtesy: and “Into the Wild”


God Save the People!!!!

Starting my first ever blog about the state of our minds in today’s world is probably not a good idea. But this is something that I have been thinking about in these past couple of days and it bothers me. Bothers probably is too small an expression for the way I feel about it. Saddens or scares would be more like it. We live in a world of abundance. Abundant knowledge, abundant education, lots of money, no dearth of something to entertain us. We are constantly “Connected to the world”, through social networking websites and phones that we carry around in our pockets. And still we’re empty. Probably far emptier than our previous generations. And I cant help but wonder why that is..

My parents for example are happy people. They have been working at the same place for more than 25 years and still it never occurs to them that maybe they should look for something else, something better, something fun. And all my friends, whether they’re working or studying or doing nothing  feel that their lives are empty, that they need to find that thing that is missing. And so do I. I have been working for just about 9 months and I wanna do something better already. What, that I do not have an answer for. I have been trying to find it but I doubt anyone ever does. I think the art of living is in finding a way around this emptiness, living life always believing that this is the best thing that could happen to you.

More important, I think, than finding the aim of one’s life is finding one’s way around people. It’s probably all in the mind. All in the way you think. And I’ve been trying to alter that. I think all our problems, at least the ones that arise due to “relationships” or human contact, could be solved if we could just talk it out. I have a lot of friends out there who were, once upon a time, some of the most important people in my lives. And today they don’t matter. And i don’t matter to them. That’s just how life goes, I know, but its heartbreaking. If only I had the guts to talk it out with them and sort the things out, we would probably be happy being friends again. But that’s just not how we humans are made. We’re egotistical, we’re snobs, we’re moody, we’re under the illusion that we’re happy by ourselves but we’re not, we’re too proud to accept the fact that we love certain people. We’re not happy without those people around us who love us and who we love. So all we need to do is keep that tiny voice inside us that tells us not to do certain things aside and extend a hand. To the people we love, for the people we love. And most importantly, for ourselves. For being happy. For being contented on one aspect of life at least. And I know that’s possible. More than know, I wanna believe that. And I want you to believe the same. Let’s make this world  a better place, not for the sake of nature or earth or even for humanity. But for us. Because all we want to do in this world is be happy, isn’t it???