The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Okay, so here I was yesterday, sitting with my  laptop and going through the Reader of my blog and saw that one of my dear friends, mistylayne, had received a Versatile Blogger Award and when I went over to her post to congratulate her, I realize that she has nominated me. You wouldn’t believe how ecstatic I was. Versatile blogger? Who me? Really? I’m so happy you thought of me,Misty! Like super duper truper happy :D. And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this nomination. You’ve no idea how much this gesture means to me.

Now, coming down to business. As all of us know, each award has a certain set of rules to be followed and this one is no exception. So here come the rules:

1. In a post on your blog, nominate 10 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award; and link to them.—- Check√
2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.—- Check√
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.—- Check√
4. In the same post, share 10 completely random pieces of information about yourself.—- Check√
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.—- Check√
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.—- Check√

Okay, so I’ve screwed up the sequence of these rules but, what the hell, I’m gonna fulfill each one of them. Now, for the 10 random things about me. Here goes the list:

  1. I am a total dog person. I adore dogs. Except for the one time, when I was a kid and this really huge dog used to just sit there growling at me. I hated him. And tried to hurl stones at him. But, yeah, I love dogs.
  2. When I was a kid, it took me about 5 years to realize that the night watchman in my building was actually a human being. I used to think he was some kind of a monster who’d eat me if I don’t eat the veggies or drink milk.
  3. The first time I drove a car, I crashed it into a neighbor’s car. It was my Mom’s new car. In fact we’d got it just that day. She’s still not much happy about that.
  4. I performed on stage for the first time when I was about four. The entire time I was on stage, I was facing the wings and not the audience.
  5. I never wrote anything on my first ever exam paper. I was too busy flying the airplane I’d made out of it.
  6. There used to be this restaurant near my place called Alone Point. I told my school friend how stupid people were to give such stupid names to restaurants. Which was when she looked me in the eye and told me her father owned it. And never spoke to me after that.
  7. Once I was too bored in one of my classes and was playing Solitaire on my computer. My teacher was standing right behind me.
  8. I have three piercing on my ears and one on my nose.
  9. My Mom is a dancer and my Dad writes scripts and is an artist. I try to do both.
  10. I once ended up in a men’s room in a theater. I think they were all really scared of me.

Okay, so now for the nominations. These are wonderful blogs that I enjoy immensely. And I’m sure you’ll like going through them as well:


Again, a ton of thanks to Misty. You’re a sweetheart.