A Weekend, Amazing Weather, Rains And A Beautiful Fort!

I absolutely love rains! There’s just something so peaceful and serene in watching the raindrops fall all around you. And they just change the way everything looks so much. The leaves, the trees, the amazingly colored flowers, even the boring grey streets get a life. And on one such beautiful, rainy day, me and my friends decided to go visit the fort Lohagad. It was still dark when we took the 5.45 train to Malawli from Pune where I live. Lohagad is about 9 kms from the train station at Malawli.

As we started walking towards the fort, we were a little disappointed that there were gonna be no rains. The sky seemed clear. And then we saw this:

We were excited at the prospect of rains. We could already smell it in the air. The beginning of rains. The road was a nice, winding, upward slope adorned on both sides with luscious green fields, rice plantations and beautiful colorful flowers.

And this is what we caught on our way:

And then we saw the neighboring fort: Visapur.

Fort Visapur

The lovely, lonely tree. There’s just something eerie and beautiful about this one.

Now coming to the actual fort. This is the entrance:

A view from the top:

And another one:

This is as much as I could click the pictures. Beyond this point, it started raining so hard that it was impossible for me to take any pictures. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see beyond two feet in front of us. It was as if we were walking in the clouds.

The pouring rain, the 270 degree view of the surrounding and us, just sitting there not talking, not saying anything except enjoying the moment. We all knew right then what heaven must feel like!