Little Mistakes

Alicia knew she wasn’t the best of people around. Everyone is allowed to be stupid once in a while, right? At least they are supposed to be when they are fifteen. And so was she. Stupid and careless and a little off the track. But at that point of time, she never really thought of the consequencesd. Of how they would affect her. Of how they would alter her life forever. Of how she would never go back to being a kid again. Ever.

It was a school party, she remembered. And she was smothered by teenage love. She had been waiting for it to happen and just when she was starting to lose hope, Cupid’s arrow had sliced her heart. She knew they were made for each other. They were meant to be together. What she did not know was that their drunken fervor and blind passion would leave her pregnant and shattered.

His parents sent him away for high school immediately and nothing ever was mentioned about being “made for each other”. She was left alone, fifteen and pregnant. All she could do about her kid was give her away for adoption. That was her best option out. They found a nice little family for her, she was told. She did not even have the heart to look at her daughter before they took her away.

All of this flashed through her mind on that September morning, when she was taking a shower. She had thought taking a bath would help calm her nerves. If anything, it had managed to make her even more jittery. She was going to meet her daughter today, seventeen years after giving her away to the nice little family. They called her Megan. She would never have liked that name for her daughter. But then she was not her daughter anymore, Alicia reminded herself.

She took her time getting dressed. She had regretted giving Megan away 5 minutes after they took her. She had thought having a baby would never let her make a life for herself. Alicia knew she had been wrong. Not having her baby had stopped her from making a life for herself.

She was scared. Scared that Megan wouldn’t like her. Scared that Megan would be so different, she wouldn’t have anything to say to her. But she had to take her chance. She had waited seventeen years for this and finally she had the courage to face her daughter. As she took her car keys she knew everyone made little mistakes. She’d just made her share of them. But today, she was going to try to amend one of those little mistakes. She was finally going to see her daughter.


This post has been written for picture it & write by ermilia