Of Goodbyes and Funny Images and a Little Happy Somethings

Okay, so was the first thought that came to your mind when you came here, “Why is the title of this post a little weird?”. I know it is, so I’m going to get to it by parts. Oh yes, I love dissecting everything systematically. Except when it comes to my wardrobe. I find clothes only when they’re dumped in a heap and every time I have to shut the door, I have to hold them with my left hand and bang the door with the right one, all the time hoping no sleeve or sock is jutting out. If it is, I have to go through the entire regime of banging the door and holding the clothes and blah blah. Okay, so I am drifting big time. But as you can see, I am very systematic, even in the case of my wardrobe, I think.

So getting back to the original point, when I started writing this post it was going to be called only “Of Goodbyes” period. I was going to talk about goodbyes. About how difficult they are. And about how uncertain everything seems after them. I am going through a series of really tough goodbyes right now. Three of my best friends from college are moving to another country for higher studies and suddenly they are leaving. And what is so baffling about this right now for me is the uncertainty about our relationships from this moment on. I mean I don’t even know what part of the world we are going to be in a couple of years. I don’t even know when I’m seeing them next. So, yeah, it’s pretty messed up. And I know goodbyes and new beginnings are a part of life, but knowing that fact doesn’t make anything easier.

So one of them is leaving today and all of us went to meet him for dinner last night. I thought I should get him something and so I bought a bunch of red and yellow roses (I should have known that it was a guy leaving and not a girl). The moment I give him the bunch he just returns it to me and says,”Oh, I’m leaving tomorrow early morning and I don’t want any trash at home. Won’t have the time to throw it on my way out” and I just don’t know what to say. I am completely blank and staring at the alien that he is. I mean who would refuse a bunch of flowers from a girl who is half in tears because you are leaving! And then it struck me: MEN!!

Can we ever understand one another???

Okay, so maybe I should stop here, this whole men-women issue, deserves one full comprehensive post dedicated to it! But however they are, whatever they are, I love them and I’m going to miss them big time! I hope they know that (And I hope they don’t read this! I can already picture them rolling their eyes and saying,”Cheesy” with that judgmental look in their eyes).

Now, moving on to the next part of the title, “Of Funny images”. So when I was thinking of working on this post about goodbyes, I decided to first look for appropriate images to go with the post. What I ended up doing was collecting a bunch of totally hilarious, if not  unrelated, images and I thought to myself, “These have to go somewhere in the post”. So, here they are:

Okay, so how cute is that? I mean if you discount the filthy toilet seat.

I love his expression!! And “Business Cat?” Dude, that’s a killer!

Oh, I love this one the most!! Especially the “Stupid” part. I’m sorry Kristen Stewart, I hate you with all my guts and those shi**y movies you star in. I don’t even know why I know your name! Sh*t! Now I hate myself for knowing that. (I’m beating my head with both my fists at the moment). Damn!

This one doesn’t even have the word “Goodbye” in it! But don’t you just love him? And his goatee? My dear friend Goat, the world needs understanding and peace-loving citizens like you in this screwed up 21st century. Yours sincerely, a peace-loving human.

I know, I know! You just love my sense of humor, don’t you? Okay, so maybe the woman at the bottom is a little creepy. But, what the hell, the picture is oddly funny. Rings any bells, Ladies?

So maybe I should stop with the funny pictures now. There is no dearth of funny pictures on google images and I’m just trying really hard to control my urge to keep on adding more of those!

Moving on to the “Of Little Happy Somethings” part. My blog has had quite some things to cheer about in the past couple of days and I’ve been procrastinating writing about them for quite sometime now. So, here goes:

1. My sweet friend Carolyn Page from ABC of Spirit Talk was kind enough to award me Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

 Thank you so much, sweetheart. It means a lot to me. And you are a wonderful blogger. I hope we remain sisters till the end of time. Hugs 🙂

I would urge all of you to please visit her blog and go through her wonderful posts. Thank you again, Carolyn.

2. My blog crossed a 100 followers. Okay, so right now the count is a 104 and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. I love you all.

3. My blog has reached about 5000 views. (So maybe a little less. Its 4988 at this moment to be precise. But I’m hoping it’ll reach 5000 by the time I’m done re-reading this post a million times).

4. I’m completing 3 months on WordPress in about 5 days. And I’m so happy being here.

So yeah, here it is. The systematic dissection of the title. I hope it made sense to you at least now.(If it didn’t, maybe my sense of humor is a little more screwed up than I actually thought).

Okay so I can’t help but put up one last picture that should really go here. (Mind you: It is completely unrelated)

Image courtesy: Google images, my friend for life!

The Chase

The moment he entered the bar, the first thing he saw was her. She sat at the bar with her lazy drink. Long legs crossed on the tall bar stool. One hand holding her drink, the other folded on her chest. Blood red backless dress with tiny intertwined knots just below the nape of her neck. Hair tied up in a chignon that accentuated her tall neck. Oh! The neck and the back and the long legs! He knew he had to talk to her.

He was wondering what his approach should be. There was something oddly tantalizing about her. And yet he knew that she was the no-nonsense-type. Chic, reserved and sophisticated. And she was new around here, that he was sure of. Otherwise he would have known who she was. He was just about to make a move on her, when she suddenly turned her head towards him and looked him directly in the eye as if somehow she sensed his gaze. Her expression turned to one of  amusement as if she could hear him think.

He noted the big doe eyes. Coffee brown in color. Huge lashes. Pretty brows. Long, thin nose. And lips matching her dress. She still had that amused expression on her face and he thought, he needn’t have worried so much. She already seemed pretty interested. Otherwise  why would their eyes be still locked on to each other’s? This was gonna be easy. He was going to grab the stool next to her. And just at that moment, in one fluid motion she was on her feet. And before he could make a move, she crossed the whole length of the bar to walk to the smoking zone. As she put her hand to open the door, he noted the long, slender fingers with red nails. And she disappeared beneath the cloud of smoke.

He followed her inside. It didn’t take him long to spot her. She was sitting on the couch at the end of the room with a cigarette in her hand. As he watched her he realized there was something oddly sensual about the way she smoked. The red finger tips, the cigarette and the flirting smoke that arose through the red lips. And the look in her eyes. Provoking, challenging as if she was daring him to make a move.

He was so entwined in the image of her, so lost in absorbing the beauty of her that it came as a mild shock to him when she turned towards the person she was sitting next to. He hadn’t noticed anyone except her in the room. She gave him one last look  through the corner of her eye as she locked her lips with the man besides her. He felt as if someone punched him in the stomach when he saw the wedding band on her hand with the red nails as she dug them in her husband’s hair.


This post has been written for picture it & write by ermilia

Let’s Do the Tag-O!

One thing that I’ve come to love about blogging is the new friends you get to make here. And what I’ve liked even more than that is the fact that they are always eager to come up with things like awards and tagging games to promote fellow bloggers. One such blogger friend of mine, Teresa, from FLOATINGWITHTHEBREEZE has tagged me in a game of blog tag. I’ve been tagged for the first time and as with any games, awards, this one also comes with a set of rules.

The rules for this game are:

  • You must post the rules
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  • Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (or use the existing ones)
  • Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged

Now that I have posted the rules, it is time for me to answer the questions put by Teresa to me. They are:

1. What is your first childhood memory?

Okay, so I remember a lot of childhood memories and somehow it is difficult to guess which is the first one.

2. Do you play a musical instrument and, if so, what?

Unfortunately I don’t! I had started learning to play this Indian percussion instrument called tabla when I was a kid. But no, I cant play it even if my life depended on it.

3. Do you always feel confident about your posts once published?

Oh yeah, totally! I mean, every time I publish a post, I write it and read it three times, then I publish it and realize maybe I shouldn’t have written a certain things the way I had written. So I go back and change it. And then I keep checking my phone every five minutes till I receive the first “like” or “comment”. So yeah, all in all I’m usually pretty confident about my posts.

4. What scares you?

Nothing really. I’m a pretty fearless person. Oh wait, except for doctors and needles and hospitals, nothing scares me. And there’s blood. I’m majorly haemophobic (If that’s a word). I guess that’s about it!

5. Do you read the newspapers?

Not really. I prefer reading books to newspapers. My mum reads  the paper thoroughly, so she kinda brings me up to date on the major “happenings” around. Plus, I honestly think they’re a waste of time when you could actually spend the time reading a good book.

6. What is the main inspiration for your creativity?

I don’t think there’s ever one thing that you can put a finger on and say “Hey, that’s my inspiration”. At least, it doesn’t work that way for me. There are so many different things that inspire you to do so many different things.

7. Do you take time out for yourself?

Yes, I do. I read, I listen to music, I write my blog. Once in a while on a weekend I just sit at home enjoying just being with me.

8. Are you doing what you love?

Ummm… Certain things I do, certain things I don’t. But I think I still haven’t really figured out what it is that I love the best to do it for the rest of my life.

9. Have you ever had any unusual experiences happen to you that you can’t explain?

Deja vu. I get a hell of a lot of those. And the feeling is weird.

10.What would you like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered as a good person. If not someone who made a deference in someone’s life, at least as someone who never disrupted other people’s peace.

11.Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning?

I usually don’t. But there are times when I wake up in the middle of the night after a weird dream and I remember it then. But by the time it is morning, it’s gone.

Now comes the time for tagging 11 bloggers from my side. These are all really amazing blogs. So I would urge you all to go visit them once you are done here. As for the people who’ve been tagged, you can either play along or ignore. I won’t be offended. I think it’s just a really good way to increase the traffic on your blog. So here are the 11 blogs:

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  5. Subhan Zein
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  9. Blood Ink Diary
  10. The Urge To Wander
  11. Written Words Never Die

I hope you enjoy all these blogs as much as I do.

The questions that I want to ask each of these bloggers are:

  1. If you were in a situation where you have to spend the rest of your life with just one person around, who would that person be?
  2. What is your favorite book and why?
  3. Name one movie that made you feel that you wanted to be in it (As a character and not an actor).
  4. Do you like wearing any kind of accessories? If yes, which ones?
  5. What was the name of the first friend you ever made?
  6. Which year has been the best year of your life and why?
  7. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  8. Do you believe in spirits and ghosts?
  9. Pick one out: A body massage in a Thai Spa or sitting in your bedroom window with a book, a mug of coffee and rains.
  10. What is the main reason you started blogging?
  11. What does your name mean?

This was fun for me! I hope you guys enjoy it as much.

The Night Goes On…

Linda knew she was horribly late. Her Mom was again gonna be all fussy about her new job. She could already hear Mom yelling ‘Why do you have to take up a job so far away? Why do you have to work so late?’ Mothers, she thought, shaking her head, they would never accept you were a grown up. Okay, so yeah, maybe it was a little too late today, even for own her liking, but she was enjoying the drive. She mostly had the road to herself except for the occasional stray dog and the owl hoots. It was a peaceful, starlit, half moon night and the road was long and lonely. She liked that after the day she’d had. The empty stretches of fields on both sides of the road were beautiful in their own way.

She was lost in her own thoughts when she thought she heard someone. Was it a scream? She decided to step on the gas pedal a little more and get the hell out of there. That’s when she heard it again. But it was not a scream. Definitely not. She slowed down to try to catch what whoever it was was trying to say. And she heard someone crying and yelling out for help. Linda stopped the car and tried to peer through the night. It was a little difficult to see considering the limited lighting. The cry sounded as if it belonged to someone really young.

Okay, so she was not a really courageous woman. Even thinking about getting out of the car and checking who it was gave her the creeps. But what if someone really needed her help? She had to go check. The field was quite empty with the occasional weeds sprouting here and there. So she decided to take the car in the field. If it was something or someone creepy she could just turn back, step on the gas pedal and leave.

It took her every ounce of courage she had to get in that field. And right there standing in front of her in the sweep of her headlights was a young girl of not more than 12. Tall and lanky, freckled face, button nose, cropped hair and quite pale. She had tears streaming down her cheeks and a running nose. Just looking out at her made Linda feel like getting out of the car and hugging her. There was just something so vulnerable in the way she was standing there.

Linda was busy scrutinizing her, when the girl said, “Will you please take me home to my Mom? I’m a little scared to walk back.”

Linda’s heart reached out to her and she said,”Yes, of course, sweety, hop in! Tell me where you live and I’ll take you.”

A ghost of a smile flitted across the girl’s face, “I live not far from here. I can tell you the way.”

Linda gave her a hearty smile, “Sure” and the girl climbed in the car. Linda extended her hand, “I’m Linda. What’s your name?”

The girl just stared at Linda’s outstretched hand and said, “I’m Amy. And my Mom has told me not to shake hands with strangers.”

Linda tried to hide her smile. “Fair enough”, she said.

As she turned the car back on the road, Amy seemed to get a little more comfortable and started talking. About her school, their farm, her brother Rick who annoyed her so much. Linda was really looking forward to a drive home alone but she was quite enjoying herself in the company of the kid. Amy kept on giving her directions towards her house and Linda was glad she didn’t have to make a huge detour to take her home. After about half an hour of driving around, Amy told Linda to take the next left. “I live just around the end of this lane”, she said. Linda turned on the dirt road towards the left and was keeping an eye out for the farm and the house Amy had described. “Stop here, that’s my house”, Amy said. Linda slowed the car down and was looking out the window for Amy’s house.


As she turned towards the passenger seat, her mouth went dry.The seat was vacant. She started trembling as she turned again towards the “home” Amy had brought her to. “Holy Name Cemetery”, the plaque read.

Linda wasted no time in reversing the car at full speed on the dirt road and pushing on the gas pedal till her car protested. She didn’t stop  for anything till she reached the safety of her own home. She quit the job the next day and started working with her ex-employer at the same amount of salary as before. Never did she take the road to her new workplace again. And was creeped out by the name Amy till the day she died.


This post has been written for picture it & write by ermilia

A Weekend, Amazing Weather, Rains And A Beautiful Fort!

I absolutely love rains! There’s just something so peaceful and serene in watching the raindrops fall all around you. And they just change the way everything looks so much. The leaves, the trees, the amazingly colored flowers, even the boring grey streets get a life. And on one such beautiful, rainy day, me and my friends decided to go visit the fort Lohagad. It was still dark when we took the 5.45 train to Malawli from Pune where I live. Lohagad is about 9 kms from the train station at Malawli.

As we started walking towards the fort, we were a little disappointed that there were gonna be no rains. The sky seemed clear. And then we saw this:

We were excited at the prospect of rains. We could already smell it in the air. The beginning of rains. The road was a nice, winding, upward slope adorned on both sides with luscious green fields, rice plantations and beautiful colorful flowers.

And this is what we caught on our way:

And then we saw the neighboring fort: Visapur.

Fort Visapur

The lovely, lonely tree. There’s just something eerie and beautiful about this one.

Now coming to the actual fort. This is the entrance:

A view from the top:

And another one:

This is as much as I could click the pictures. Beyond this point, it started raining so hard that it was impossible for me to take any pictures. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see beyond two feet in front of us. It was as if we were walking in the clouds.

The pouring rain, the 270 degree view of the surrounding and us, just sitting there not talking, not saying anything except enjoying the moment. We all knew right then what heaven must feel like!

The Indian Wedding: Part I

“I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,

A church filled with family and friends.

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,

He said one that would make me his wife.”

Weddings are one of the most important parts of our lives. We plan for them, we wait to find the right person and we plan, we wait to tell our families and we plan, we decide the dates to our weddings and we plan, we plan, we plan. At least that is true with us, the species from Venus!

And as a country diverse and vast in tradition, India does not lack elaborate wedding rituals and traditions. So today, I’m going to talk about the “Big Fat Indian Wedding”. I have wanted to do this post for quite some time now, but I was waiting for the time when I actually attend a wedding myself. But I haven’t gotten a chance to attend anyone’s wedding recently, so I decided to take the help of my dear friend, Google Images for the snaps.

So I am gonna split this post into parts, starting with the Indian Wedding Attire today! We Indians are extremely fond of flashy wedding attires ranging from our sarees to our jewellery. Here are some snaps of the different kinds of sarees available:

Banarasi Shalu

This saree here is a Benarasi Shalu. No Indian woman can feel like a bride without one of these! These sarees come from a place called Bearas or Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


This saree here is a Paithani, made in the Maharashtrian town of Paithan. This type of saree boasts of embroidery in gold threads.


This here is a Kanjeevaram Saree which belong to the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Gadwal Silk

The Gadwal Silk Sarees are a specialty of the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Patola Silk

Patola silk sarees are hand woven sarees from the place called Patan in the state of Gujarat.

There are a lot more types of sarees available in myriads of beautiful colors. The sarees combined with the traditional jewellery create an absolutely stunning combination.

The Maharashtrian Bride

This is a picture of a Maharashtrian bride with the traditional green glass bangles and mehendi (henna) on her hands and feet. I’m going to get to the mehendi ceremony some other time. She has an armlet on. I think the jewellery will also have to wait for some other time.


This is another type of Maharashtrian Saree called Nauvari. I know there are a lot of Maharashtrian things in here but being a Maharashtrian myself I think that’s the only part I know the best!

South Indian Bride

This is a South Indian bride with the tradition Kanjeevaram Saree.

This is a picture of a North Indian Bride in Lehenga. Lehenga is a long skirt usually adorned with embroidery and beads work.

Now, we’ll move a little towards the grooms.

The Indian Groom

Usually, the Indian groom wears a pagdi or a pheta, the headgear. The kurtas that are worn have embroidery or jardosi work. (Jardosi is a kind of stone work)


The long coat is called a Shervani and is an integral part of Indian groom attire.


This is a traditional Dhoti worn by men below the kurtas. The footwear here is called mojadi.

This is all I have today on the Indian Wedding Attire. As you can see, there are very few pictures of the attires of grooms as compared to the brides. The reason could be, one, women are more enthusiastic about weddings, need more variety, need something that is unique at least for their weddings and number two, even Google agrees. Even if you search for Indian Grooms, you still end up with a lot of pictures of the brides!

Disclaimer: As we all know India is a huge country with 28 states and 7 union territories with people majorly following about 7 to 8 different religions. Covering the weddings of all the people from these myriad backgrounds seems a little difficult. So the series of posts on Indian wedding is just sort of an overview of the big fat Indian wedding as I understand it.