That Feeling of Happiness

I’m gonna talk about happiness today. Why? Because I’m happy! Mad, crazy, dancing happy! I feel I could conquer the world today. I feel I could fly. I feel I could dance.  I feel I could do the moon walk (Ok. That’s taking it a little too far. I’ve tried a million times and failed a zillion times.). Now getting to the point. I’m happy because I’ve had the best week I can remember. Now if you ask me what was it that I did in this week, I don’t have anything much to tell you. I didn’t go partying or drinking or even on a nice date (Though I regret the last part.). What I did was meet up with my best friend, my confidante, my soulmate (I don’t know how many of you believe in soulmates, but after I met this person I’m talking about, I’ve come to believe in them.).

And all we did in these 6 days was talk and go shopping and do all the mundane things that all of us have to do (Though I know many of us wished they didn’t.). We held hands, we talked, we held each other and then talked a little more. This is how I spent my entire time. And there is such bliss in just doing nothing, I tell you. Just plain, simple happiness. Just sitting there, savouring every moment of it. That moment when your hands touch accidentally, that moment when you both look at each other and know what the joke is, that moment when you just sit in the car playing your favourite music saying nothing to each other, that moment when you just hold hands and walk, that moment when you talk about Ayn Rand and her philosophy (Yes, we do discuss such things extensively.), that moment when you know you’re not seeing each other for probably a year more. And I loved every single moment.

It makes you wonder what happiness is, right? Is it buying and wearing expensive clothes? Is it going around in expensive cars? Is it getting drunk or doing drugs? Is it spending all the money that you have? Maybe. Maybe happiness is in all of these things. But that is a very superficial feeling. It is not that  deep, satisfying happiness that leaves you smiling at random moments, the kind of happiness that resides in your soul, that creeps on you at those totally random times and leaves you, well, just overwhelmingly happy. Happiness is in those small, mundane things. And we should not complicate that. Not complicate it by expecting too much or giving too little. By moving too fast or too slow. By being too outspoken or too scared. Let us just be what we are and wait for the right person to find us. (It might take some of us a little longer than others. But believe me, its magical when that happens.) Because all we want to do in this world is be happy, isn’t it?

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